How to add Datepicker in Content?

I want to add DatePicker in content section
I tries it but its not work for me
Can you please guide me how to add ?

Hie @pooja123. To assist you, I need to see how you implemented the custom module and created the component. If you can supply this information, then we can proceed.

Hello @Michael_BotpressTeam
I follow this React Calendar integration! - #5 by Macaret
And implement it…
I have added content type code like this above
I added react widget in uiSchema{}

const base = require('./_base');

function render(data) {
  return [{
    type: 'custom',
    module: 'custom-component',
    component: 'CustomDatePicker',
    text: data.text

function renderElement(data, channel) {
  if (channel === 'web' || channel === 'api') {
    return render(data);

  return {}; // TODO

module.exports = {
  id: 'custom_date_picker',
  group: 'Custom Component',
  title: 'Date Picker',
  type: "object",
  jsonSchema: {
    description: 'Date Picker',
    type: 'object',
    required: ['date'],
    properties: {
      text: {
        type: 'string',
        title: 'Message'
      date: {
        type: "string",
        format: "datetime-local",
        title: "Max-Date",
        description: 'Enter Maximum Date here',
        formatMinimum: {
          "$data": "1/startDate"
  uiSchema: {
    date: {
      'ui:placeholder': 'Enter Minimun Date' // (new Date()).toString() // Does not work

    datetime: {
      "ui:widget": "alt-date",
      // "maxDate": new Date("02-29-2020")
      format: "{0: yyyy-MM-dd}"
  computePreviewText: formData => 'Date Picker: ' +,
  renderElement: renderElement

Hie @pooja123 I will put this on my to-do list and get back to you once tested. This workflow might take a few days to get to, so please hang in there.

Please revert back reply as soon as possible .Because we need it urgently…
I get a datepicker using this but getting blank reply on emulator

Hello, Their.
I’m not able to add content type file for date Picker in channel-web module and also in extension module

I added date Picker from out-data-content-type but in emulator getting this output(blank)

hey @Michael_BotpressTeam
We need this date picker content urgently. Is it possible to give me a solution as soon as possible.Please

Hi Pooja,

Could you add the code to the custom module to a Github repo and share? It would help us figure out why the bubbles are empty.

hi @Patrick_Hamelin

In this above link i have added code file. Please revert back me as soon as possible…
Thank you in advance