How to add video in botpress flow

hello ,

i want to add video file in my flow . i don’t know how to add and if i need to write custom action , what is the type of video .

thank you all

Hello Maria_Maria

I don’t think you’re gonna get any more support on this. I’ve had the subject before. And as always you get the answer yes it works, build a custom component.
If you can’t, that’s your fault.

many greetings

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You’re unfortunately right Hariko50: we’re in a forum that is pretty arid for newcomers. The team of BP is mainly made of hard-skill devs and some simple questions didn’t get much attention.

Let’s have patience :slight_smile:

And about the question: I think that a HTML video tag should do the trick in web-channel, for videos files hosted in yor server. I’m not sure about other channels, but I tend to believe it will work if you provide a correct URL of the file.

I’ll try to do it some time in the future :slight_smile:

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thank you for the reply !

thank you for the reply

HTML video tag not work in channel messenger :frowning_face: !

@Maria_Maria, check if this info is useful for you:

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