How to escape characters in builtin_text while using markdown?

I am trying to display images using builtin_text which works file using an img tag but when the image url contains an _ it gets replaced with <em>.

How do I escape certain characters like _ underscore so that image renders properly?

Example image tag:

<img src="" alt="my_notes.png" style="width:718px;height:259px" width="100%" height="100%"></img> 

Also, is markdown supported in all the builtin content types provided by Botpress (eg: Carousel)?

Regarding your first question:

  • I wonder why you don’t use Image type instead of builtin_text
  • In markdown the inline image is something like

And be clickable by


Thank you @asashour I can use this whenever I need to use only images, but what I shared is just an example showing how it behaves when there is a _ in a markdown content.

Actual thing is a html content where I have a img tag similar to one given in my question and I need to escape all special characters in the html content, starting with underscore.

@abhisheksimion, how about HTML escaping:

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