How to Install ChatBot => BotPress in React Development

Hello BotPress community, do you know how to manage the installation of chatBot on a page developed with React?

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HI @alumnoUtn, have you checked our webchat documentation?

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Hello @PierreSnell , thanks for your answer, please could you help me how I can do it => As long as your chatbot is hosted on a virtual server and is accessible via a URL

Can I create a free virtual hosted on any page?

How can I host the chatbot on the hosted?

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You will need to host botpress somewhere, it can be your local machine for development or a hosting solution like heroku, digital ocean, aws, etc…

Once botpress is running, you can use the webchat documentation and include the URL in your website to indicate where you hosted botpress (http://localhost:3000 if local or etc…).

From there the webchat documentation should be straightforward.

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Thank you very much @PierreSnell !
, do you have any idea why heroku throws an error when trying to upload the BotPress project (size 1.32GB) with the command git => git push heroku master? The folder with the botpress project should not be compressed?

In the, there an one-click Heroku deploy you can use. Can you try it please :slight_smile: ?

Thanks @Daehli @PierreSnell is there a video tutorial that explains the implementation of docker to upload the botpress to heroku?

Unfortunately, we don’t have a video tutorial for this. But I can explain it :slight_smile:

In the Github repo, we have heroku.yml file. This file explains how Heroku will deploy the application.

At the line 3, heroku will build this dockerfile. At that point, Heroku will build botpress from the latest version.

Thank you very much @Daehli or the information, next step can I import the .zip file (generated in the export) that contains my chat_bot development and implement it in botpress running on the heroku server?

Hello @alumnoUtn , Yes of course

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