How to record new scenarios for testing

I am using the latest version of botpress (version 12.1). I would like to record new testing scenarios after designing my chat flows and nlu. When I try to do that and save the recording, nothing happens. The show details shows that nothing was recording.

My goal is to record new scenarios so that I can execute them on every change to the flow.

Please guide if there is any configuration change required.

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I am kind of stuck on this and unable to verify the bot while I constantly modify the flow. It would be great if I could automate the testing by adding scenarios.

Any inputs would be appreciated. Thanks

Hi shahamit,

You click start recording and then start writing in the emulator. When your are done you click stop recording and name it.


I did the steps you mention but when I try to save there is nothing. Please see the screenshot attached.

Hi Shahamit,

I can’t see your screenshot.


Hi @jbperron - I am reattaching the screenshot again. The steps I followed are

  1. Click “Record new scenario” which starts the emulator
  2. Interacted with bot through the emulator.
  3. Clicked the close icon of the emulator
  4. Click “Stop Recording”
  5. It gives the below screen when we try to save the recording. There are no details to save. Seems like the testing module haven’t captured the chatbot interactions.

Hi Shahamit,

Can you see the debugger in your emulator?
In other words, can you see more information when you lick on messages in the emulator?


Yes I do see the debugger messages in the emulator when I start the recording. Please see the attached screenshot. When testing this, the language server was down but that’s a separate issue.

Ok, thanks fo the additional information.

@EFF any ideas what is going on here?


@EFF - kindly share your inputs on this topic. We have been struggling to make sure our bot design changes don’t break previously added capabilities.

I’ll investigate and get back to you on this.

@EFF - Did you get a chance to find the root cause of this issue?

Faced with the same issue. No one still knows why this is happening?

I have the same problem with the 12.26.6

Hie @neofila , I have revived a Github Issue for this problem which you can follow for progress.

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