How to use the slot filling skill?

Can anyone help me to know how to use the slot filling skill and When do we need to use this skill?
Thanks so much. :grinning: :grinning:

Hi @Nghia_Nguyen,

Slot filling is usefull when you want to extract information from what your user said.

Exemple :

Book me a flight from [paris] to [new york] [tomorow morning] under [700$] please.
                         |           |              |                 |    
                     from_city    to_city         date              price

This is done automatically by botpress when you use entities and indicate them in your training sentences in each intents.

Then you can access them in a hook or custom actions with bp.nlu.entities

p.s In our new release botpress albert comming this fall it will be much easier to deal with entitites (called variables), you will just have to write $entity_name