If terminal closes, application not running

Hi Team,

I have deployed the bot on a remote server, its working fine, but when terminal closes the application stopped on the browser…I have tried nohup and scrreen…
Platform is linux…
Please help me to sort out this.

Chaithra N Kharvi

@ChaithraNKharvi Please look into:

I run this command via putty ./bp &
to stop the server, i search for the process id using pidof bp.
and use kill -9 xxxx(id) to stop it.

Hope this help.

@Syafiq_Joe When you run Botpress server using ‘./bp &’ have you noticed that the Botpress server goes down intermittently? As I observed such behavior and that is when I switched to using pm2 tool.

is that so? never notice that kind of behavior. i guess i need to start monitor it.
last time I was using screen for a while. working fine for me too.
but once i learnt about ‘./bp &’ from one of my friend, never use screen ever again.

Sorry to say, pm2 also not worked for me…I have installed Botpress in Binary…
After the findings have found below command and it works for me…
./bp & disown