Include Custom JS in Webchat

Hello Community,

iam trying to Inject my Custom Javascript into the Bots iFrame (to change button layout etc) im facing to the issue that the Brower rejects Javascript due to Corss-Site-Scripting. Is there a way to load Javascript from the Bots iFrame? I’ll need to edit the iFrame HTML File but i dont find any ways to access it.

Does someone has the Infos if the Webchat uses a dynamic generated HTML File as IFRAME and how to change code there.


Hi @fynnsh, thanks for posting on the forum.

I don’t know about the iframe and custom javascript but you can change the appearance of your bot by following this documentation.

You can also remove some of the buttons you don’t want buy looking at this post.

Hope it helps,
Have a great day and happy building :robot:

Yeah, i want to add Features with Javascript. CSS Customisation works fine for me.

Hi @fynnsh, so is my answer gave what you needed ? Did you managed to do what you wanted ?

No, i need to add custom javascript to the chatbots iframe NOT CSS. To further customize popups alerts and more.