Integrate Botpress with Android Studio

Hi, I’m currently making a chatbot with botpress and I want to make web based website for chatbot so the GUI I’ve done is in Android studio. So, I was searching ways to integrate botpress into android studio but I found none. Can someone help me?

Hie @adlinanadia, thank you for your question.

The best route to take would be to use the converse API. Through it, you can communicate with the chatbot and display answers received in json format on an interface of your choice.

thank you @Michael_BotpressTeam for the replies. but do you have any detailed example or examples of code because I’m very new to this chatbot world and coding especially so I need extra help in building my own project

Hie @adlinanadia, for this implementation, you need to team up with a javascript developer. You can source one from an online skillshare site or employ one depending on the level of complexity—usually, developers with skills using Botpress highlight this on their profiles.

alright. last question, just want to confirm my thoughts, does using API need to deploy chatbot to hosting first? or no need? and where is the coding take place? cause I’m using flutter in android and mostly API on botpress documents using script language. hence I’m quite confused to put the coding

Hie @adlinanadia, I think you would benefit from the converse API documentation to which I posted a link in an earlier response. All the information you have asked for is there.

You need a publicly accessible endpoint to your bot. Then you can send requests and get responses to Botpress’ converse API. The answers are in json format, so you can display them on your application in any way you wish.