Intent Recognition

Hello Guys whenever I create a bot it never responds or catch intent at first messege
suppose I have 1 intent of greeting with utterrences Hello,Hi,Hey
now if I give mesege Hello then bot does not recognise it and second ime it does for Hello.
now if I give messege Hi then it again does not recognise.
What should I do ?

Hi @v_i , this is strange issue. Can you please check the below?

  • Training is successfully done for the bot
  • Any error messages in the log

yes Saurabh Training is done succesfully no error msg in log

Like this

okay, in that case there might be some problem with the flow or conditions.
If possible, please export the bot and share the archive file so that I can replicate and troubleshoot this issue on my local.

Hi guys,

NLU models are now lazy loaded; they are only loaded from disk (file-system) when they are required at predict time.

This means the first time you speak with your bot, the NLU needs to fully load your model in memory, which takes a lot of time. This delay often exceeds the maximum amount of time allowed for middlewares to run in Botpress.

This however doesn’t answer the problem you’re experiencing when chatting with your bot the second time.

Have you retrained your bot between the “Hello” message and the “reset my password one” ?