Intents in transitions flow

Hi all!
Is there any way to use multiple instents per one transitions flow?

@negativeone Can you please explain your use case?

I have intents in two different languages, and it would be great if I could make a construct like in (“intentN”, ‘intentN + 1’) and if there is a match, go to a specific subflow

Hi @negativeone, if you have complex transitions to build, you can add an action which processes the information, then set a variable (ex: temp.destination) , which you can use in your transition.

 const myAction = async (name, value) => {
    if( === 'someintent'){
      temp.destination = 'my flow 1'
    } else if( === 'other' && someothervar === true && othercondition){
      temp.destination = 'othernode'