Is Botpress 508 compliant?

Does botpress work with text to speech programs and is it fully compliant under section 508?

Hey @av_botpress ! I don’t think Botpress was designed to work with text to speech programs or to be compliant with Section 508. Sorry about that.

I think the main issue here is that the buttons(all of them) aren’t accessible with the tab/enter combo.

The only button that you can tab to is the send button (because it has button tags).

Here are the issues that conflict with 508 compliance, if you can please help me understand how I can change these.

#1). The Header icons, shown below, are not tab-able.

I can add a role=“button” to the div (to make it accessible) but how can I even access the div element?

One way to fix it is just to make the header icons clickable buttons and just have the styling stay the same. Why wasn’t this done before? It seems easier than making an icon clickable through javascript.

#2) Links & buttons (that I’ve created with <a href> tags and <button>tags) within the bot window aren’t tab-able. By default these are always tab-able but it’s as soon as you enter the webchat text area, all of those rules fly out the door.


#3. When you zoom to 200%, text is cutoff and there is no horizontal scroll available.

How can I solve any of these problems? @jbperron @sylvain @maximelaboisson