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I installed bootpress latest ver12.9.3 in window 10 offline but language server error while interating with question /answers. I need simple question/answer chatboot offline in English. But did not answer my questions in offline

Hi @Vish,

Can you please send me the exact error you’ve seen in your terminal?

This will help me make a diagnostic.

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Language server not detecting in terminal…i install bootpress in offline.

Allright, I’m not exactly sure what you’re trying to do here…

If you want to deploy botpress without an internet connection, you’ll have to deploy your own language server. Here’s the documentation to do so.

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  1. Please give me steps to install offline language server in window10. I read all documents u mention, but don’t understand.
  2. I have downloaded .bpe and embeddings files

here are the approximative steps:

  1. download the botpress binary
  2. in the same directory you’ve downloaded botpress in, start a cmd prompt or a powershell and type ./bp lang --dim=300 (<— this will start your lang server.)
  3. in data/global/config/nlu.json change
    "endpoint": ""
    "endpoint": "http://localhost:3100"
  4. in the same directory, start a second cmd prompt or powershell and type ./bp (<— this will start botpress.)

at this point you should have two terminals (or cmd/powershells) running

  1. go to http://localhost:3000 in your favorite browser (I hope it’s google chrome)
  2. go to the Languages page from the admin menu:

  1. once there, download the language you want! We don’t have all languages available for download, but we do have english and few others.
  2. after downloading, click load to load it.

That’s it.

If any of theses steps doesn’t work for you, write me back.


Thank you for your feedback and thanks to botpress team.