Loop not working in workflow?

I just made a basic workflow to check if a loop works with a workflow :

Expected behavior is to have an infinite loop here, but after 1 “round”, it stops .
In the logs I have :

19:10:23.206 bp:dialog (test) [-T65z4QGcc1guRZ7869Zl] eval transition “always” to [node-696c]{ botId: ‘test’ }, +3ms
19:10:23.207 bp:dialog (test) [-T65z4QGcc1guRZ7869Zl] transit (main.flow.json) [node-89f8] >> (error.flow.json) [entry]{ botId: ‘test’ }, +6ms
19:10:23.208 bp:dialog (test) [-T65z4QGcc1guRZ7869Zl] ending flow{ botId: ‘test’ }, +1ms

any insights ?
( btw : I tried with some criteria to exit the loop with an API call where I through it was API issue, which is not … here : Loop for API call result polling )
Thanks for you help !

@smalldragoon What version are you using ? What result are you getting in the chat ? I’ve reproduced your flow and it works:

The “Oops” message is normal after some repetition, since there is a mechanism in place to prevent infinite loops.

There is more details in the Error tab:

Hi @allardy,
Thanks for taking care.
it is “normal” as it is a feature which was introduced few months ago to avoid infitite loops.
more info on another of my post here : Loop for API call result polling
Thanks a lot for your help