Loving the interface re-do

I saw an implementation with a strange file size in your bucket and boy did I love the interface. Intuitive and straightforward and with very flexible navi and more information overall. And I love what you did on QnA to let the user choose whether an answer is aight or whack. The code behind that answered quite a number of my questions on previously failed implementations in modules.

Add a dark mode to it. I imagine the bulk of users of Botpress spend quite a lot of time on their machines. Most of them don’t realise the effects of eye strain but people are starting to appreciate dark mode because it just feels better on the eyes, especially with [pink, yellow, lilac] text.

You have neglected HITL for too long. It’s unnerving having to start biting your nails thinking whether your patch to HITL on messenger, uipath is still working with the next version change.

We love what you have done with ndu (what have you done with ndu?). That’s because the documentation is, well, slim.

I know writing documentation is not really the easiest thing ever. It’s like being asked to describe a night with the boys IN DETAIL you can mumble a mouth load and still not get the picture across. But you can also simply refer to a movie that’s close to your experience and all the green lights will fire up in the listeners head.

Same with documentation. in your SDK you can simply refer to where the method was used in the most pragmatic manner in any of the built-in modules. And remember that documentation is an extension of the community. Allow readers to insert comments and questions, moderate them before posting and give the answers. That I feel is the essence of good documentation and the best basis for review.

Also please restore the functionality to move the single choice answer order around.


Hi DigiSenseiZim,

As always, thanks for the feedback. I’d be all for a Dark mode myself, I personally always use it when available.

HITL love is on the roadmap. Stay posted.

NDU is still in it’s initial phases and under heavy testing, once complete the documentation will follow.

Not sure about this will forward, your query to the product team.

Stay Safe,