Make bot idle in the middle of a flow for accepting Q&A

I have the following flow Screenshot 2021-10-09 at 21.25.24

So when the user ask a question in the Q&A, the bot answer back, if not, the bot will bring the FAQ.

Well, it supposed to wait in idle for the question, and it was working like that during some days, now, not sure what I’ve changed, but it jumps directly to the FAQ choice instead of waiting idle/standby

If I add an “on receive” → “wait for user input” then it keeps in the flow and the user has to ask the question twice, first to go forward in the flow for being idle and the second to get an answer with the question. So I think that’s not a solution.

Any ideas why is not stopping in idle to wait for any Q&A or any other idea to make the bot understand that a Q&A is accepted at that point of the flow?

I’ve found some related post with some code, but I was thinking that there should be an easier way like the one describing, but not sure why is not consistent.

Example of the bot

Expected result:
User: Hello
Bot: Welcome
User: talk to agent
Bot: This is a person (configured answer in Q&A)
If no intent detected, then the result would be Bot: FAQ

Result got:
User: Hello
Bot: Welcome
Bot: FAQ

What is your bot language ? its not set in your bot .

English now :slight_smile: you can redownload it. I forgot to put it in english

Okay , now your bot work as you explain , just import it then train . type talk to an agent your bot will replay I’m person without Faq .

So I did a kinda “hack” to solve this, the bot reacts on previous intent == none, then what I did is to create an intent with several words that the user might input at the beginning, such as hello, hi, I need info etc…
So now, the bot gets the intent and stops in the condition waiting for the Q&A question
Another workaround I thought was to create a choice between “ask a question” “get a list of FAQ” and if he chooses the “ask a question” then I delete the always transition and make transitions empty

I don’t think the way should be this “hacks” if any knows any other solution, you can bring it out :slight_smile:

I’ve sadly found that if there’s no transition, the bot understands that the flow has end and whenever you ask a question with intent == none, then it gets out of the flow and restart from the beginning, I might have to do some trick with detecting variables to work around that.
It’s crazy that is almost imposible to idle the bot to wait for Q&A in any other node rather than entry node.

Hie @Tronne

Please try and implement this hook to elect a QnA in the middle of a flow