Message displayed only on page refresh

Hi all,

I have set up my Botpress server on a Windows 2016 Server with IIS and reverse proxy set up using the steps give by lampyon-canada here.
My setup works as I’m able to access the studio over the internet using a public IP and also embed chat widget on my website.

The problem is when i send a message, the message is displayed on the chat window only when i refresh the page. This happen on my website and on the studio accessed from the public IP. If I log in to the server using remote desktop and open the Studio using http://localhost:3000 then the messages work fine in the emulator.

Thanks in advance! :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @Farhan,

This looks like the sticky session property is not enabled in IIS, can you check for that? Are you using web sockets or (long) polling?

Hey @Maxime_Joannette ,
Thanks for replying!

It was websocket that was causing the issue.
Botpress uses websocket by default from v11.1.3

I had to remove websocket from botpress.config.json -> httpServer -> socketTransports array to just [“polling”]

It working fine now!

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