Messenger Suggestions

Okay still on suggestions I have this to say for the messenger module.

  1. And this I think is the most frustrating thing about that module. Why do I have to make webviews myself from scratch? I think (and I know you agree) that this is the most powerful feature given to developers by Facebook on the Messenger channel. Makes no sense that the most powerful bot-builder doesn’t lean on that

  2. CAROUSELS SHOULD RENDER. Instead of making a boring text bot for ordering pizzas and cracking over slots not extracting, diction, case sensitivity etc, a beautiful carousel of pizza images, names, descriptions and prices gains way more traction. 1st click you select pizzas the second click you are selecting toppings and extras, next click you are picking your location on a map, refine with address and your pizza is on its way. Start the payment and delivery flow, connect to the payment gateway and send the dude his pizza. Problem is carousels don’t render (unless you tweek a repository clone and forgo the benefits of the binary)

  3. Come on guys, we know that we have access to a users Facebook name and we know its super easy to get it and store it and use it. Why do you deny your user such simple and inconsequential info which coincidentally improves the user experience hugely? Even Chatfuel which I think is entry-level and no coding required allows you to access and use the name. Make the information available at least to messaging and messaging_postbacks also easily accessible to botbuilders. and chuck it in the studio already rather than requiring us to make hook actions and write code for stuff like that. You don’t know how nerve-racking it is when you are installing a new version and praying that all hooks and actions and customer modules work nicely.

Overall it is extremely myopic to create a messenger module just for connection to an app/page. These are powerful channels which are likely to be around for quite some time and allowing bot builders to fully exploit everything exposed by such API’s will definitely gain you traction. If people can make Facebook bots for quizzes, polls, e-learning e.t.c and can leverage on user experience caveats already in place then I see uptake increasing.

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