More examples & cross reference in Documentation

I’d say the single biggest place to improve is documentation. I gleaned quite a bit from the Videos that are the Botpress Youtube channel.

But more examples would really help newcomers grasp the nuances of using context, intent and choice skills together. This area of the documentation has improved somewhat.

It’s not at once clear how to move between flows and sub flows. From other experience I expected to be able to transfer between bots if things got too complex for a single flow. But then discovered sub-flows.It took a long time before Botpress allowed me to select a new sub-flow in transitions. And I had no idea why. There seems to be a delay. And if you’re very new to Botpress you may assume that this is the wrong place to look. Since transitioning to Subflows is not officially documented. And depending on what you’ve used before it may also not be blatantly obvious.

Different variables that can be used in Botpress are not easy to understand from the documentation initially. This makes setting up a flow very hit and miss initially.

Even after reading the documentation I’m left with more questions than answers. For instance the manual mentions that Skills should be setup in code. But fails to mention where they are located. Choice Skills don’t accept any choices. But Choice skill examples work. I gave up on Botpress in version 10x because there was no way to figure this out. Now in version 12x I still can’t get Choice skills to work. I’ve worked around that using nodes. But it’s a clunky solution at best.

  • There’s no mention of which version is a stable version. Which in of itself will lead to mountains of frustration for any newcomer.

  • And it may be useful if you keep older versions of documentation for posterity.

Hi @codes64,

Indeed, examples are the best way to show features of the platform. If you or anyone builds such examples and would like to contribute it, please do so!

You mention you still have pending questions after reading the documentation, feel free to ask around here!

If you need to consult previous versions of the documentation, everything up to version 11.0 is still available here:


Hi @Maxime_Joannette,

Thanks for pointing out the links to previous documentation.

I may just contribute once I get some flows working. There are small little gotchas in how things link up together that make building a flow less intuitive than expected. I’m soldiering on because I value the independence self hosting brings.

In the mean time I’ll contribute on the forums where I can.

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I agree with @codes64

And I feel that this (besides a solid, rational & very stable sdk and an almost limitless customisation capability) is one aspect which will make Botpress the bot-builder of choice.