Multilingual Flows

We build chatbots in Myanmar and have multiple minority languages that we support. None of these have NLU support, but our chatbots are usually more PUSH oriented than PULL. We direct the conversation through flows designed with different options depending on choices. Is it possible to build a single flow, but then customize the CMS so that we can build multiple languages into these flows rather than building a separate flow for each language. The problem currently is that if we want to make a change we end up having to keep track of multiple language flows to update. This makes it easy to miss changes or have confusion about what has been updated. If we could do this through a centralized CMS or external translation tool like that would be amazing, but not sure what kind of customization is possible in Botpress…

Another platform BotStar has this feature which is very nice, but not sure any other platforms support this kind of idea…

See animated demo in this GIF…

Any suggestions on if this could be added with custom code?

Hi @johnnyonow and welcome,

In Botpress, you can create a flow and ask a user to pick a language and then have every text display in the following flow translated in the user language by setting the user.language variable.

I believe this can only be done in the supported languages by the language server but I could be wrong.

Here is a simple example:

You can see that my node is in english but because a traduction was made, the user was able to receive the reply in french.

I hope this can help you.


Seb, how do you switch between languages for translation of the flows? Is this done in the CMS? Or do you need to rebuild the flow per language? Is it possible to manually create languages not yet supported? We don’t need the NLU features, but we do need the ability to change language for flow purposes.

@Seb just reaching out again. Any recommendations of links or resources where i can learn more?..

Hi @johnnyonow

Here is how you can create a single flow that can be used in more than 1 language:

  1. Create the content in the default language (this is a text saying “Hey how are you” in this example)

  2. Change the language on the bottom left of your screen and click the newly created content that should be in red because of the missing language.

  3. Create the traduction

And here you go you can put this content in a node and it will be translated to the user language.

**The user language can be set with an action already created for you within Botpress let me know if you need more info on that.



hey, just wanted to know is there any functionality on botpress where the responses can be automatically translated or do we have to manually translate every responses and then place it?

Do you have a free version of bot? I don’t have such bottom language pannel