Multiple intents

This question seems to have been asked here, but the answer is not relevant I guess.

Suppose there are two intents, “Hello” and “Love you”, I need the bot to evaluate both intents, or at least save the ‘discarded’ intents to be discussed upon later. E.g.

  • User: Hello, I love you
  • Bot: Hello, good day to you
  • Bot: Oh, I love you too.

Or both responses combined in one line.

What I can see is that we are allowed to have a single evaluated intent, and the other intent(s) are discarded, how to capture them to be saved, and initiate a response once the discussion of the main intent finishes?

Hey @asashour I’m sorry but no this isn’t supported at the moment, single intents are elected at the moment :frowning: . I might have a workaround for you though. Technically when Botpress NLU hesitate between 2 intents, the ambiguous flag is set to true in the nlu event payload. You could create an action (or hook) and act up on it in there. You can check for event.nlu.ambiguous in your hook.

On a side note, we plan on adding support for this but I sadly can’t give you an ETA just yet.

Thanks @EFF.

I have looked and there is event.intents, but it doesn’t have expected confidence I would say.

On the other hand, I am really interested to get involved if I can help implementing this.

I am gradually digging into NLU module, and would post some questions about it soon.

Thanks for your support.

That’s great news. Let me know if I can help