My bot choose a wrong answer for my QA

Hi people,
I configured a Q&A with this questions:

  • hola como estas
  • hola como va
  • como va
  • como va todo
  • como te sientes
  • que tal
    The response for it should be "Bien y tu ? "

And when I write into de emulator the word “interesante” my bot response "bien y tu? "
Why choose this Q&A ?? I am very confused…

When I write “buen fin de semana” happen the same…
Tell me please I’m doing something wrong.


Hi Luis,

Welcome to the community! Always happy to welcome new people onboard.

I can’t tell you about specifics of you case, as I don’t have a complete list of your utterances/intents/Q&As.

Botpress works best when there is at least a couple of intents/Q&As (they are treated the same by the engine) with multiple utterances. Any Q&A/intent with less than 3 utterances will only be considered for “exact matching”. As such in your use case you seem to have a single q&A in the eyes of the NLU.
I would suggest creating a couple more intents, and see if your problem persists.

Hope this helps, sorry I am not very technical myself. The engineers can correct me if im wrong.

Happy bot building,