My bot is starting form the first after tapping on the button

I have create button with post back and using them to trigger transitions but after on transition if i press on the other option then the bot again starts from the first.

How can i solve this problem?

I have explained my problem in this video. please if possible provide some solution!!

Hie there @rezwanahmed

You can create an after incoming middleware hook which checks for the language payloads. When you click the language and the payload is detected, you can use jumpTo to go to a node that handles language change,

sorry but I dont think you understand my problem, the trasnsition to that desired payload is not working . Like after pressing on english i get to one flow , then after clicking the button lets say " hire" i go to another flow , then If I click on the english button again I should be provided the previous flow but it is not working

I think you need to use flow-wide transitions with same condition as entry , michael answer is correct by the way …

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thanks for the information but I don’t have a good understanding of how the flow wide transitions work. could you provide me some resources? I took a look at the documentation but there wasn’t much,