My botpress get error when create chat in english

I do not understand this error in the terminal, I am creating a chat in English and when I test this error,help me.

Mod[nlu] Error extracting metadata for incoming text: No model found for the following languages: n/a,en
01/13/2021 13:04:59.005 bp:dialog (testesingles) [NUQYGoelyZqlmbX2HYG-] init new context { currentNode: ‘entry’, currentFlow: ‘main.flow.json’ } { botId: ‘testesingles’ }, +12s
01/13/2021 13:04:59.007 bp:dialog (testesingles) [NUQYGoelyZqlmbX2HYG-] ending flow { botId: ‘testesingles’ }, +2ms
01/13/2021 13:06:03.691 Mod[nlu] About to detect language, but the following models are not loaded:
“en”: “a9f9ef5fd8d764c0ad485d33d6246655”
Make sure you have enough cache space to fit all models for your bot.

Hi @Marcela,

Are you using a botpress with a local language server ?

If yes you should go into the admin panel -> languages and download english as in the picture bellow.

This error means that botpress tried to use a language that was not available.

but, the language english is not default?

If you’re using a local language server, you need to download the language you want to use locally first (else the installation would be too big).

but i did a chat in spanish and i had no problem with it now i try to do one in english and this problem, if i try to download the language the download option does not appear for me