NDU Natural Dialog Understanding - New dialogs, more capabilities

I can’t find so much information about this module that looks great and where you can expand the capabilities of the bot.

Will it be the future botpress?

I found it playing with the options, but not sure how can I activate it in a previous created bot or if I have to migrate to that system or how does it work

Should I migrate or is a very initial project?

And how can I create a new bot in NDU with those new dialogs apart of using the NDU test bot and modify itself?


Hi @Tronne,

Sorry to tell you this, but we are not planning NDU to be part of the Botpress product’s future. As of right now, it is still supported as of respect for our users, but it probably won’t be part of the next major release.

It is highly regarded internally as an engineering misstep.

We are currently spending a lot of effort on R&D looking for the optimal way of combining machine learning with rule based (or “flow-based”) approachs to create the best possible chatbot experience.

In that sense, NDU is still a misstep, but we did learn a lot from it, as it helps to orient our current research.

I hope this answers your questions,

Stay tuned as there’s a lot comming up in Botpress in 2022.