Need help to expose the bot to internet

I am running my botpress in a linux digital ocean droplet.
I have pointed my subdomain to that droplet, have installed and configured nginx and SSL

But I a not sure that there is any proper documentation not on the forum and not the official documentation file. Please provide some documentation on how we can create a reverse proxy.

Recently I made a blog post on to set up an HTTPS server with botpress. I’m not sure about the end goal, but I’m suspecting you want to use your chatbot with an external service (Slack, Messenger, Discord) :).

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Hie @rezwanahmed , please feel free to leave any comments you may have on how we may improve both the digital ocean documentation and the blog post by @Daehli .

Your feedback is always a valuable tool in improving the Botpress user experience and we look forward to hearing from you.

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sorry but I hadn’t seen that blog post before. If I want to connect a subdomain instead of a domain, can I do that in the same way?

I have followed your blog post and have setup the domain but its not working, I am providing my configurations here:



Please provide some insight on what is causing this problem

can anyone provide some insight?