Need to replace chatbot icon on web page

Hey guys I need to completely replace the chatbot icon on the webpage my bot is embedded on. I have looked up quite a few things, but nothing seems to be working.

If possible I would like to do this with my embed code and not with an extra style sheet because I have mutliple bots for multiple clients and it would be easier to just do this with each embed than trying to do this with multiple css files on our server.

Hi @Sara_Reece

You need to open the bot then go to avatar and cover picture under settings.

I have done that and it stays on black I have been able to change the Icon by following these instructions with an extra style sheet.

Also the above reference (even in the latest botpress does not work) See Exhibit A

as you can see even with the cover picture selected and uploaded nothing has changed on a website where the bot is uploaded for testing.

I am able to change the icon style, but I am not able to add any text message along with chat icon.
How to add a text message with chat icon?

I already followed How to add Botpress Chat Widget to your website? - AabinGunz but couldn’t find it there as well except one screenshot show below:

Please help.