New to botpress and chatbot

Hi! I am making a chatbot mobile app for my final year capstone project and I just wanna know if these things will be possible to be done here in botpress.

  1. Be able to store user data
  2. evaluate a test score (my chatbot will have an assessment feature)
  3. Will it be possible for me to implement it to be on a mobile app?

I am trying to make a mental health chatbot much like wysa or woebot. Thank you for the help!

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Hi @anonjackfruit, Thanks for posting on the forum !

  1. Yes you can, all the data is stored per bot (but you can do more fancy stuff and store things in a database for exemple)
  2. It depends of what you want to test, but yes it’s possible.
  3. We have channels so you can create your bot and then connect it whith whatsapp, facebook messenger etc… You can also use the API of your bot and do http request from any device/custom code (phone, smart watch etc…)

Don’t hesitate if you have other questions.

Happy building :robot: !

Hello! thanks for answering my question. A question about number 3 though, I will be making a mobile app from scratch so it will be possible if I’m going to connect it to android studio for example?


Botpress is a standalone server, so you need to have botpress running somewhere (cloud, local machine etc…)

Then your android app can send request to your botpress server which will send you informations back which you can then handle in your app.

E.g :
Android app get “Can i book a plane to tokyo the 5th for 400$ ?”
-----http call to botpress-----
botpress gives // intent : book plane, price:400, date 5th, place : tokyo
----- Android app receive the information -----
Show a table or anything with this information in your app

(Quick research : it seems possible to run nodejs on android… but we do not officially support that, if you want to try to run botpress directly on android you could try and give me some feedback but be careful, botpress needs some power… the easy way is to have botpress running on a real server)

I see. I guess really having an android app will be give me a ton of time to work on.

My last question for you now (I’m sorry if I have too many questions!). Now if I just build a website and implement botpress it can also work right?

Yes, as I said botpress is a standalone server which will serve your bots.

For your website (check here) it’s the same, you should do http calls to your botpress server (as the android app) but it’s quite simple to do :slight_smile: we also have tutorials

It’s also the same for other channels like facebook messenger or whatsapp etc… they ask (via our channels) botpress which reply informations.

Thank you so much! I guess I’ll have to switch my project into a website instead of a mobile app. Will be learning botpress now!

With pleasure,

The root of the problem is the same for an android app or a website, you need to communicate with botpress.

Choose the one you’re the most confident with and then you will be able to do the code for the other platform once you understand the communication logic :slight_smile:

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