NLU "async" analysis of stored entry text

Currently, i need to “force” an NLU analysis of an entry that i temporarely stored in a variable before.

My bot is configured with one Intent that has a global context. But after, that intent is divided in some other intents, and the original intent itself becomes a context for the new ones. With that in mind, there is a node in wich i recive an entry, and the bot run the analysis for the original intent, but i store the entry in a temporary variable. After some time, i need to run a new analysis with the stored entry, but in a new context, to indentify a another intent.

The reason i need to force de NLU analysis again, is that the entry stored isn’t a new one, therefore a node could not run an analysis, becouse it’s programed to do so for a new entry from keybord. Well… at least it seems to work like that. If anyone know a way to do it directly through Javascript (with an action, for example), i would like to know about it.