NLU fails to find correct intent on first query

Hello, when testing my bot and giving it a first entry the bot doesn’t seem to detect the intent

then when writing the same question again, it finds the correct node

Now, I know it says the intent is ambiguous, but I’m trying to find a way for the bot to answer right away the first time without having to enter questions twice.

Anything that could be causing this?
For reference, the bot is using SQLite, would switching to Postgres fix this?

Thanks, your support would be much appreciated

up - I really need ideas to try and fix this :confused:

Hi @DaKea91

Could you share a screenshot of you flow or even better your bot so I can have a look?
I am very curious to know what’s going on.



Hi @Seb and thanks for you reply.
Here are a few more screenshots, hoping it makes more sense

1st interaction:

gets redirected to error handling (intent:none)

2nd Interaction, same question:

The 2nd time, slots get extracted, and the intent gets interpreted correctly as shown on the debug interface:

hi @DaKea91,

Are you still experiencing this issue?

I tried to replicate it but I can’t seems to be able to do so.

Unfortunately, yes @Seb I had to revert back to Botpress ver 12.18.2, it seems like it has something to do with the new election process. Although even enabling legacy mode didn’t solve it for me, I just had to revert back to the previous BP release I was using