NLU: is this the best we can get?

Hi all,

I recently dug into AI, went quickly into NLU theory, only to perceive it as more or less a better “regular expression”, however I guess there is a need for something better.

I would imagine a user, who can easily make a bot taking a complete medical history for example, where it handles multiple intents, gracefully walks through “topics”, fills various fields of the patient record. Or a bot to test a student understanding of a subject, and provides a score per area.

Making the dialog flow, one by one is ok for simple cases, but making it for the complex ones would make almost unmaintainable flow, taking huge effort to make cases for all scenarios.

Also, I am not sure if the ML algorithms are the best to handle such cases, or if we don’t have sufficient training data.

How about using data from dictionaries or thesauri?

I imagine there are members here who are NLU experts, and wonder if they like to share their experience.

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Hi Asashour,

Thanks for all your recent contributions to the Botpress project.

Have you been in contact with someone from the NLU team, I’m certain they would be more than happy to exchange on your thoughts and experiences with the NLU/Decision engine so far, and what you find are the key limitations for you.

Let me know if that is something that might be of interest.

Thanks and happy bot building

Hi @jbperron,

Thanks a lot for your response.

Of course, I would grateful to know how NLU works, or at least how to self-learn how it works! I have very quickly looked into the code, but it would be difficult to understand, because of the lack of ML knowledge, which I am gradually working on it.

I believe the core of Botpress is NLU, and the more powerful the engine is, the more valuable Botpress becomes.

My ultimate target is something like the medical history or student answer assessment examples, but I am not sure of it is the current scope of NLU module.

I hope if someone could spare some time, to document or make a quick video about the current NLU details, and the areas which need enhancements.


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Hi Asashour,

Thanks for your interest so far.

I sent you a message in private.


Would be more than happy to jump on a call to share my knowledge on the subject! Don’t hesitate to email me if you want to schedule something soon