NLU Model Training Error

Hi, I just installed BOTPRESS on Ubuntu. After creating a test robot using Welcome chat, I am running into the following errors -

Could not finish training NLU model Error: No provide could successfully fulfill request “/tokenize” for lang “en” at RemoteLanguageProvider.queryProvider

I didn’t make any changes locally and even downloaded a previous version of botpress (June 30) but getting the same error. Is there a dependency that I need to satisfy?

Any help would be extremely appreciated

Hello @mnagpal,

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Can you confirm which language server you are using, if not the default one? In the latter case, is your machine connected to the internet, so to reach

Thanks for the response. Yes I am using the default ‘en’ as the language.

I have not made any changes to the configuration that was downloaded. Straight unzipped and ran it with the supplied ‘Welcome BOT’ model to test.

Let me rephrase, from the admin/Languages page, can you validate if you can see which server you are connected to?

Thanks. It says “”. When I try to open the link to that URL, I get “Cannot Get /”. I am connected to the internet.

That’s alright, the base path does not have any “home page”. You should be able to get a response from it if you go to

To get back to your issue, did you try with another template bot, for example the small talk one?
Another thing, if your internet connection is unstable, you might want to host your own language server.

Let us know how this goes!