NLU not detecting system entities

Language Understanding

Detected Language: n/a

Used Language: n/a


Slot Source Extracted

I keep getting this on the same nodes in instances where I expect system NLU to detect a number. The funny thing is that my internet connection is pretty decent. What could be the problem?

Hi DigiSenseiZim,

Just to clarify.
Are you saying you are never able to extract system entities, or that sometimes it works sometimes it does not?
Are you saying that is specific to the “number” system entity?
When, you say *“I keep getting this on the same nodes in instances where I expect system NLU to detect a number.” do you mean you can extract on entities on most nodes/flows but on certain specific nodes they do not work?
Also, are you using the default lang/duckling server or hosting your own?


Sorry about that when I migrated to Botpress 12.0.2 I forgot to point to my selfhosted duckling and language server. Everything working fine now and I added it to my migration checklist.

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Hi DigiSenseiZim,

Have a look at 12.2 there is now a production checklists that insures you don’t forget anything.

Let me know if you like it.


Yep, there ain’t no reminders to migrate most of the custom stuff. I know you can’t possibly guess how a developer has customised their installation but I think stuff like HITL bot pausing and notifications are pretty much something everyone does. And I haven’t made a bot with no custom analytics to date.

And also I think creating a proactive bot should just boil down to a checkbox in the config section. All this process of adding an event listener for the “start conversation” .bpw-bot info-start-button (don’t know if I got that right kkkkk) or finicking with the HTML code and creating hooks blah blah is not necessary. And I cannot imagine a bot without custom analytics.

All in all, I appreciate that you try and give developers leeway to do some stuff in their way but some of these things I am mentioning should not even appear in the production checklist.

Hi DigiSenseiZim,

Thanks, for the input.

The checklist is more about infrastructure, setup and the studio itself.

More simplicity setting up proactive bots is something that comes up often, we are currently evaluating this.


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