NLU not working properly

Hi there! I’m new here, so I created a chatbot with Botpress and I made my own language server so I need to do in catalan language.

In general it works fine, but I found a problem with messages like: “no”, “bla bla”,… the NLU is assigning these to intents but it has no sense…

Could you tell me where I have to take a look?

thanks in advance,

Hi @jpedrosa, welcome on the forum !

To see the NLU Results you can have a look at the debug console in botpress
The button is the one left to emulator in the top right corner.

If you want even more details you can go in raw Json and look for the NLU key and then intents. Here you will see all the probabilities, and informations about what botpress computed.

Hope it helps,
Have a great day.

Hi @PierreSnell ,
thank you for your response is very useful.
There I can see what are the confidence of selected intents

As you can see there, Top intents have confidence between 46% to 53%, but the text was just “bla bla”. It also happens with texts like “jjjj”, “no”, “querty”…

What I did to solve it is, use a hook to set the confidence threshold to 85%

Also, there is any way to improve my model to exclude this kind of message?