NLU On FAQ not working as intented

I have created a FAQ bot on a variety of topics and each questions have at least 10 variations used for training.

The issue I am facing is, when a question is asked with a single keyword on Topic A, the bot often gets confused and responds with another answer from similar question on Topic B due to the presence of that single keyword in Topic B

To overcome this problem I am thinking of presenting a menu to the user to select a Topic first before they can ask any questions. When topic is selected, user can ask question on the selected topic.

In this scenario, I want the bot to perform lookup only on the answers on selected Topic. I guess this will more accurate responses because the lookup is filtered on a particular topic.

Is it possible to control the bot to narrow down FAQ lookup on specific topic?

hey @arun826

it is possible using contexts:


Contexts apply both to intents and QNA.

There should be a builtin action called appendContext that you can use in a given flow to specify what context the user is currently in.

Check out the builtin welcome bot if you want to see an example with intents

Hope this information helps,


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Thank you @frank_levasseur

is there anyway that i can provide some response before the bot proceeds with the default flow, when the bot is unable to find a particular answer under that context?

Thanks in advance