No detect entities


why in emulator i can see detect entities “duration” for sentense “couple of hour”. But in debbuger when i calling via web channel, there is no any entities…

look below.

type: ‘text’,
channel: ‘web’,
direction: ‘incoming’,
payload: { type: ‘text’, text: ‘couple of hours’ },
target: ‘vhF7-DnRGBgYCCHrhh6d’,
botId: ‘visit_conf’,
createdOn: 2021-01-04T19:37:50.468Z,
threadId: ‘16’,
id: ‘355305879217568811’,
preview: ‘couple of hours’,
flags: {},
state: { __stacktrace: [] },
suggestions: [],
credentials: undefined,
nlu: {
entities: [],
language: ‘n/a’,
detectedLanguage: undefined,
spellChecked: undefined,
ambiguous: false,
slots: {},
intent: { name: ‘none’, confidence: 1, context: ‘global’ },
intents: [],
errored: false,
includedContexts: [ ‘global’ ],
ms: 0

Hi @Michal,

I assume this has nothing to do with some sort of relation between the debugger and the webchat. The most probable cause of your problem is that duckling is disabled. The entitity duration can only be detected by duckling and won’t work if duckling is not responding.

To confirm that this is actually your problem, first check your nlu configuration file. Look for nlu.json in the code editor. Make sure that duckling is enabled and that it points to a valid and running URL.

If this is not your problem, checkout logs to see if there could have been any problem with duckling.

Feel free to write me back if this doesnt help.