Noob Question about On-Premise Implementation of UiPath Orchestrator

Hi everyone, does anyone know if the tutorial here would allow access to a local server instance of Orchestrator?

I have recently started using Botpress as an on-premise alternative to Dialogflow and Node js to access a local instance of UiPath Orchestrator for my team. To access the local instance of Orchestrator on Node js, we used the following code.

   "tenancyName" : "Documentation",
    "usernameOrEmailAddress" : "Documentation",
    "password" : "DocumentationAPItest"

Previously, for development purposes, we used the cloud instance of Orchestrator, using the following code.

    "path": "pathName"

The latter code used to give us problems after we deployed it to work with the local instance of Orchestrator.

Now that we are attempting to migrate over to Botpress due to it being fully on-premise, we express these concerns, as the code used in the tutorial seems more closer to our previous cloud authentication code rather than the local one. We are worried that it might similarly cause problems upon deployment into the local server.

Apologies if this is an obvious question or if I am missing some information, I am quite new to coding in general.