Not sending messages on Ubuntu server - Websocket handshake


Since this morning my Botpress chatbots deployed on Ubuntu are not working anymore - nothing I write on the chatbot is appearing inside the window. On my web landing page or in the Emulator.

But if I refresh the page, my messages do show up and the chatbot responds correctly to them.

I’m using 12.1.3. And I’ve tried starting with a new downloaded version of Botpress with demo chatbots and the same issue happens.

No errors on the console:

11:02:35.779 Launcher ========================================
                                  Botpress Server            
                                   Version 12.1.3             
                                  OS linux ubuntu            
11:02:35.784 Launcher App Data Dir: "chatbot_eng"
11:02:37.555 Launcher Using 9 modules
                      ⦿ MODULES_ROOT/analytics
                      ⦿ MODULES_ROOT/basic-skills
                      ⦿ MODULES_ROOT/builtin
                      ⊝ MODULES_ROOT/channel-messenger (disabled)
                      ⊝ MODULES_ROOT/channel-slack (disabled)
                      ⊝ MODULES_ROOT/channel-teams (disabled)
                      ⊝ MODULES_ROOT/channel-telegram (disabled)
                      ⦿ MODULES_ROOT/channel-web
                      ⦿ MODULES_ROOT/code-editor
                      ⦿ MODULES_ROOT/extensions
                      ⊝ MODULES_ROOT/history (disabled)
                      ⊝ MODULES_ROOT/hitl (disabled)
                      ⦿ MODULES_ROOT/nlu
                      ⦿ MODULES_ROOT/qna
                      ⦿ MODULES_ROOT/testing
11:02:38.979 Server Loaded 9 modules
11:02:39.045 CMS Loaded 7 content types
11:02:39.462 HTTP External URL is not configured. Using default value of http://localhost:3000. Some features may not work proprely
11:02:39.564 Server Started in 2006ms
11:02:39.564 Launcher Botpress is ready at http://localhost:3000
11:02:49.401 Launcher bp:dialog (test) [saFy4SJ23GYC5WKyoYUE4] processing timeout{ botId: 'test' }, +0ms
11:02:52.036 Mod[nlu] Restoring models '1f7d7401721c7ff696c9ba21c2130b29' from storage
11:02:52.647 Mod[nlu] No slots (CRF) model found for hash 1f7d7401721c7ff696c9ba21c2130b29
11:02:52.647 Mod[nlu] Done restoring models '1f7d7401721c7ff696c9ba21c2130b29' from storage
11:02:53.687 Launcher bp:dialog (test) [saFy4SJ23GYC5WKyoYUE4] init new context { currentNode: 'entry', currentFlow: 'main.flow.json' }{ botId: 'test' }, +4s
11:02:53.688 Launcher bp:dialog (test) [saFy4SJ23GYC5WKyoYUE4] render element "#!builtin_text-lbs0Re"{ botId: 'test' }, +0ms
11:02:53.692 Launcher bp:dialog (test) [saFy4SJ23GYC5WKyoYUE4] execute action "builtin/removeContext"{ botId: 'test' }, +4ms
11:02:53.728 Launcher bp:dialog (test) [saFy4SJ23GYC5WKyoYUE4] eval transition "always" to [topic-choices]{ botId: 'test' }, +36ms
11:02:53.728 Launcher bp:dialog (test) [saFy4SJ23GYC5WKyoYUE4] transit (main.flow.json) [entry] -> [topic-choices]{ botId: 'test' }, +42ms
11:02:53.729 Launcher bp:dialog (test) [saFy4SJ23GYC5WKyoYUE4] render element "#!builtin_single-choice-mrFFU_"{ botId: 'test' }, +1ms
11:02:53.745 Launcher bp:dialog (test) [saFy4SJ23GYC5WKyoYUE4] eval transition "always" to [parse]{ botId: 'test' }, +16ms
11:02:53.746 Launcher bp:dialog (test) [saFy4SJ23GYC5WKyoYUE4] transit (skills/choice-62d44d.flow.json) [entry] -> [parse]{ botId: 'test' }, +18ms
11:02:53.748 Launcher bp:dialog (test) [saFy4SJ23GYC5WKyoYUE4] waiting until next event{ botId: 'test' }, +2ms
11:06:06.022 Launcher bp:dialog (test) [saFy4SJ23GYC5WKyoYUE4] execute action "basic-skills/choice_parse_answer"{ botId: 'test' }, +3m
11:06:06.035 Launcher bp:dialog (test) [saFy4SJ23GYC5WKyoYUE4] eval transition "always" to [invalid]{ botId: 'test' }, +13ms
11:06:06.035 Launcher bp:dialog (test) [saFy4SJ23GYC5WKyoYUE4] transit (skills/choice-62d44d.flow.json) [parse] -> [invalid]{ botId: 'test' }, +3m
11:06:06.036 Launcher bp:dialog (test) [saFy4SJ23GYC5WKyoYUE4] execute action "basic-skills/choice_invalid_answer"{ botId: 'test' }, +1ms
11:06:06.042 Launcher bp:dialog (test) [saFy4SJ23GYC5WKyoYUE4] eval transition "always" to [#]{ botId: 'test' }, +6ms
11:06:06.043 Launcher bp:dialog (test) [saFy4SJ23GYC5WKyoYUE4] transit (main.flow.json) [main.flow.json] << (main.flow.json) [topic-choices]{ botId: 'test' }, +8ms

I found the right answer for whoever finds himself in my situation:

Open botpress.config.json and set the configuration httpServer.socketTransports = ['polling', 'websocket'] to roll back to the previous behavior (that config is added in 12.1.3)