Passing parameter to a json

Hi, how can we pass a value we have captured from user for eg;{{}} to a json code written.
the flow has a standard node calling the json as

the code for the json is :

const callApi = async () => {
var data = JSON.stringify([
{ name: ‘subject’,need the email value here},
{ name: ‘content’, value: need the description value here },
{ name: ‘hs_pipeline’, value: ‘0’ },
{ name: ‘hs_pipeline_stage’, value: ‘1’ }

the subject and the content values are captured from user input. how can i pass those value on here. Any help is appreciated.
Thank you.

Hi @anish,

You simply need to add the action parameters to your calling function, such as:

const apiCall = async (email, description) => {

Create a new action, it should have the needed template for you to work with.

Happy Building! :robot: