Problem while switching to Postgres

Hello everyone! I have a problem while switching my chatbot from sqlite database to postgres. I used heroku & docker to deploy my chatbot. According to documentation I run the following commands:

heroku addons:create heroku-postgresql --app $APP_NAME
heroku config:set DATABASE=postgres --app $APP_NAME

but then I get this error:

heroku logs --tail

I will very appreciate if somebody could help me with this issue :crossed_fingers:


after I added PGSSLMODE to config vars in heroku, it apparently worked but now I can’t login to my botpress (see the error on the screenshot). has anyone already faced this error?

Hi @inmeinemarm, you may refer this link for complete setup on heroku.

@inmeinemarm, this error is because the heroku server’s storage is lost (generally happens everyday and hence using postgres is important on heroku).

BPFS_STORAGE environment variable should be configured with value ‘database’