Q&A botpress 12.10.08 very slow

When i 'm creating my questions and anwers and try to use “Add Content” this tools very slow, this impossivel to work .

Hi @Marcela,

Thanks for posting on the forum and helping us improve.

Can you give us a bit more context about this issue ?
Like :

  • Which kind of content are you trying to add ? (image, carousel…)
  • what is the context, how much qna, etc…
  • What is slow and when ? The interface, after you clicked somewhere, before ?

Have a good day and happy building

Hi @PierreSnell ,
when i try add other a pick content , or to create a new text , this is happening, and it crashes

Hi @Marcela,

I think more details about your environment would be helpful.
Are you running this locally?
What OS are you on?
What Browser?
What are the specs on the machine?


is a debian, but what’s the configurations recommendations to need to work add content?

I used to have the same problem on a 4 gb core i3. What are the specs of your machine / server