QNA first time cannot suggest answer

i am new to botpress and need help to understand , i am facing issue on qna as i add many question
and when trying to test using some new words the bot doent suggest any answer and the intent is none ,
i tried again with same question then the bot predict the answer correctly .
and if any one asked my question later the bot already trained and the answer is correct , but after doing restart same issue happened again ,

could any one help me to understand whats happening and what should i do

Hi Mohamed,

Your issue is a bit unclear to me. IS it possible that what you are saying is that your bot has not have time to train yet (does not have a model) and as such does no understand anything. The fix would simply be to wait for it to train?

If i’m incorrect here, do you mind sharing an exemple of what you mean?


thanks so much for your reply ,
model is already trained please check below
i have trained the model with different question as example valet parking when i tried to test
with some new words i got the result as below , no language detected and no suggestions

i tried to ask same question again i got the answer

and now is model is trained on this question , but if the server restarted i have to ask the same question twice to got the answer

this only happened if i am using new words

hope that my question has become clear

Hi Mohamed,

Can you check if you have any errors, in the console logs?

When you see n/a everywhere in language understanding the NLU did not even trigger.

Are you running a local language server or are you running the community language server?


hi jbperron ,

i am running with community language server , i have checked there is no errors and this behavior appears with me with last 2 versions before 12.2 also, after the second time the bot trained but the first time always with no intent if i used new words or even add question mark “?”
after restart the server i have to repeat the same

Hi Mohamed,

If you are looking at the console logs inside Botpress, do not forget, to increase verbosity in the server/debug section.