QnA not working as expected!


I still don’t fully understand how the flow and QNA work together.
I created a QnA module to deal with some questions but the problem is that the bot makes the transition to the case of “otherwise” even I see that QnA is recognised 100%. What should i add to my node to make it work?


Hi @boufz , the control is going to “otherwise” because of the defined transition rule conditions in which you are checking the 'intent" name.
Since the value for intent is “none”, its being transitioned to the next node connected with otherwise condition.

Hi @saurabh,
But the value for intent is not ‘none’! it is 100% QnA .

Okay, that’s right. I actually meant to say that the intent’s value is not matching with any of the transition rule conditions which are above otherwise condition.
Botpress will match the values in sequential order and if no matches found it will go to otherwise.

Please do you have any suggestion to make the bot consider QnA questions?

Sure, I will try to break this down into two high level options.

Option 1: Simply configure the QnA data, train the bot and let NLU handle answering on its own. This is good for cases where you just want the bot to respond appropriately without need to perform anything in custom way.

Option 2: Configure transition rules if you want to perform different actions on different intent values or any other attribute. Connect required nodes based on these conditions, and connect a node on otherwise which might call a custom action for example. Within that custom action you may handle all necessary conditions as you want.

To summarize, use transition rules only when you want to perform some custom action and use plain QnA based automated response capability if you want to ensure appropriate answers.

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That’s exactly what i did. I used QnA only in cases where i want to ensure appropriate answers.