QnA returning wrong answers

I have a QnA in my chatbot about cities, i.e Madrid, Paris, London and Milan. The questions are almost similar with the difference being the city names. For example, when I ask, “What is the general population in Madrid?”, the chatbot responds with the general population in Paris. What could be the issue?

Is there a way correct an QnA answer?

Hi @iambot-jj,

The easiest thing to solve your problem is to create one intent only and detect the city with slots.

Like :

Intent A : 
I want to travel to [Paris](City)
[Rome](City) is what I love
I knew [London](City) was beautiful 

Then with a new utterance : I would like to see XXXX one day
Botpress will reply with intent = A and slot City = XXXX

If you try to make one intent per city, they will be too similar and any nlp solution will have hard time trying to distinguish them.

Hope it helps,
Have a great day.