Reading deep linking parameters

Is there a way to read parameters passed through deep linking telegram feature in BP bot?

Hi @borisbsu,

I’m really not a specialist of the channel telegram, in fact, I’ve never actually used it as a bot developper.

However, just browsing the code and the documentation you’ve linked, I don’t think it is possible for now with botpress. I indeed found this code example in the Telegram nodejs framework that shows how to access the deeplinking payload, but the field startPayload appears nowhere in our version of the telegraph sdk.

I don’t know when this feature was intoduced, but I feel like it was not at the time we’ve first coded the Telegram Framework.

We are planning on giving some love to the channels in a near future, but I can’t make any promise on if or when this feature will be available.

In the meantime, if you feel like it, you sure can try coding it yourself and open a Pull Request on our github. Every contribution is welcomed :slight_smile:

Thanks again for contributing to our forum!


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