Redirect to node on card button click

I am new to botpress. I have created a card with buttons and on click of the actions in the card. I want the user to be redirected to a node in my flow. How do I go about it. Also I dont really understand the concept of actions. I will be very happy if someone could assist me.

1st option is to use skill choice instead of a card which makes it easy. Otherwise if you really want to use a card, there are couple of ways to achieve this but here’s the easiest.

1 - in your card configuration choose the payload action type and configure it as you please.

2- configure your node to wait for user message
Screen Shot 2019-12-06 at 10.38.08 AM
3-add a transition and use the raw expression feature and chose your target node.

Your resulting flow will end up looking like

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hello, I am having some problem with this buttons, can you help me to solve it?

Hie @rezwanahmed

Please specify your problem so that we are able to assist as best as we can.