Redirecting to node from Q&A

Hi All,

I’m working in version 12.10.2 and I can’t get a Q&A question to redirect to a node to continue the conversation once the bot has answered the question, I haven’t been able to get his to work in my current build or in a empty bot with no other function, any help would be appreciated.

Happy to provide some screenshots if further context is needed.

Hi @kirkwood,

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I tried it in different past versions, it looks like it was never possible to both answer the question and redirect. What I can suggest is that you remove the answer to your question in the Q&A module, but add it to the node you are redirecting to.

Hopefully this will work out for you.

Happy Building :robot:

I investigated a bit further and found I was having issues with my environment, rather than getting the expected behaviour.

Today we corrected the redirection issue :

Stay tuned for the next release! Note that you might need to disable and re-enable the redirection for the fix to take effect.


Thank you for the assistance! Great to see such an active community behind this tool both on here and through the GitHub.

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