Reset and start a new

I’ve deployed the bot on aws, embedded it on a page however when i reset the chat it resets but there is a red line between the old and new chat how to start an entirely new chat without the red lines

There’s two ways:

  • you can start a new conversation using the same userId
  • you can change the userId to a fresh new one

To create a new conversation, you can do so by clicking the 3 dots menu, then hit the + button. Programmatically, you can POST to http://localhost:3000/api/v1/bots/master/mod/channel-web/conversations/USER_ID/new.

User ID is stored in window.__BP_VISITOR_ID and local storage.

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No I actually want to know how it works when embedded in a website online will it have the red line breaks after resetting

Yes. But you can customize the look and feel of course.

Sylvain I appreciate I can adjust the look and feel, but that does not answer the question. How do we set up the bot to start a new clean conversation each time the web page is refreshed or opened?