Scheduler Module

Hello, after a user responds, I’d like to schedule a message with a delay. I did some digging and found some documentation in the 10.x version for the scheduler module. However, I noticed that in the current version, 12.1.3, the scheduler module is prepended with a . which means that the module isn’t being included. It looks like the module was removed for the 11.x release. So, I have a couple questions. Just out of curiosity, why was the module removed? The more important question is, how can I schedule a message for delivery at some point in the future?


I’m wondering the same thing, if someone has an idea.

The module hasn’t been fully ported to v12 (yet). It got delayed from lack of customer demand but these messages help us reprioritizing this module soon :slightly_smiling_face:

Can you give an approximate release date yet?

Is scheduling functional again on the latest release? Does a workaround exist?