Send Email Skill is not working

Send Email Skill is not working.

Am Getting the below error message.

Error executing action “basic-skills/send_email”

VError: Could not load default config file for module “basic-skills”: Unexpected token � in JSON at position 476

basic-skills JSON File:
“$schema”: “…/…/…/assets/modules/basic-skills/config.schema.json”,
“defaultContentElement”: “builtin_single-choice”,
“defaultContentRenderer”: “#builtin_single-choice”,
“defaultMaxAttempts”: 3,
“disableIntegrityCheck”: true,
“matchNumbers”: true,
“matchNLU”: true,
“transportConnectionString”: {
“host”: “”,
“port”: 465,
“auth”: {
“user”: “Username”,
“pass”: “Password”
“secure”: true


CC: @allardy

I know this is a very late reply. Hope it helps someone else looking for the same thing.

Botpress uses Nodemailer. So you’ll find syntax configuring email settings in the Nodemailer help.

My 12.10 version includes a single line syntax of Pooled SMTP connections by default.